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Featuring poet Edward (Ted) Williams.
With music by The Media Assassins.

First Winter
Time: 15 min.
Live at Jazzberry's Uptown.
Music by Annie Wells, keyboard.
First Winter, text file.

Last Days Of Planet Alert
Time: 7 min.
Studio recording.
Last Days Of Planet Alert, text file.

The Best You Can Make Of It
Time: 12 min.
Live at Jazzberry's Uptown.
The Best You Can Make Of It, text file.

The War In Heaven
Time: 40 min.
The Media Assassins are:
Joff Wilson - Guitar, James Locigno - Sax, Brian Shuptar - Trumpet,
Paul Dodd - drums, Martin Edic - Bass.
w/ Vocals by Peggi Fournier.
The War In Heaven, text fle.

City Limits
Time: 26 min.
Live at Jazzberry's Uptown.
With Jim Locigno, and Brian Shuptar on horns.
City Limits, text file.

Mrs. Summers
Time: 43 min.
Live at Red Creek Inn.
Music by The Media Assassins.
w/vocals by Cheryl Lauro, special guest Pete LaBonnee.
Mrs. Summers, text file.

Sympathetic Suffering.
Time: 29 min.
Music by Arpad Sekares, w/Joff Wilson, guitar.
Sympathetic suffering, text file.

The Police Get A Real Halloween.
Time: 32 min.
Recorded Live at WITR Radio Station.
RIT Campus, Henrietta, NY.
Music by The Media Assassins w/ Pete Mugnolo, Tony Cavenero.
The Police Get A Real Halloween, text file.

Three Obsessive Christ Tales.
Time: 43 minutes.
Live at Jazzberry's Uptown.
Music by The Media Assassins, w/ Charlie Curran on conga.
Three Obsessive Christ Tales, text file.


Live Shows Recorded by Arpad Sekares. Rochester, New York.

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